On International Women’s Day 2021, CCS brings to you a compilation of our latest work focussing on #PolicyForWomen. Through these articles and videos, we aimed to highlight various gender issues plaguing India’s public policy. From understanding the pandemic’s effects on women to amplifying the voice of female entrepreneurs, over the last one year, we delved into a range of women’s issues and the policies that attempt to tackle them. 

Some articles from our board members, alumni, and team members:

  1. Women in STEM: An Indian Perspective

This article talks about the foundation for ensuring the large participation of women in the field of STEM in India and how there is a lot of work to be done still.

  1. Where are the women?

This article talks about the gender data gap created by the lack of data on women and girls that often makes gender-specific policies turn gender-blind. 

  1. Women power at the village level

This article talks about the Ekal Mahila Sanghatana, a single women’s party that’s leading women empowerment in a village in Maharashtra. 

  1. Will work-from-home give a boost to female employment?

This article talks about the work from home culture that the Covid-19 pandemic has put in place and how it can benefit female employment rates in India.

  1. Laws alone are insufficient to tackle gender-based violence

In this case study from Delhi, we see how laws alone are insufficient to tackle gender-based violence. 

  1. Women won’t recover easily from India’s pandemic

In this article, we explore the possibility of women bearing the brunt of the Covid-19 crisis, the consequences of which could be long-lasting. 

  1. Maternal Mortality Ratio in India: How far have we come?

This article explores how far India has come in its efforts to tackle maternal mortality with more than two decades of committed safe motherhood programs. 

  1. Domestic violence: A pandemic in itself

In this article, we take a look at how domestic violence during the lockdown in India is a pandemic within a pandemic.

  1. How India saved its mothers with direct cash transfers

This article looks into how a direct cash transfer scheme has made maternal healthcare more accessible, especially for those who need it the most.

Here are some of our videos on #PolicyForWomen:

  1. Bamboo Entrepreneur

This video showcases the impact of CCS’s ‘Bamboo is not a Tree’ campaign on the life of Rekha Dey, a bamboo entrepreneur. 

  1. Sharad Joshi on women’s & farmer’s rights

In this monologue, activist Shailaja Laxmikant Deshpande talks about Sharad Joshi’s contribution to advancing women’s property rights. 

  1. A female farmer describing women’s plight in agriculture

In this video, Ms. Pradnya Bapat of Yavatmal district of Maharashtra describes the problems faced by women farmers in India. 

  1. SO Basically – Episode 16 | “Swasthya, Paisa, and Direct Cash Transfer”

This video makes a case for Direct Cash Transfers to improve access to quality healthcare for all Indians, with a focus on maternal health. Health and Nutrition, (Including Angwanwadi)

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