Decentralise Urban Governance

SO Musings: Decentralised Urban Governance

Before independence, all local functions like roads, water supply, drainage, sanitation and street lighting were under the Municipality. Post-independence, there has been...

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Central Public Secctor enterprises

SO Musings: Wastage in Public Sector Enterprises

Way back in 1971, Dr B R Shenoy in his very perceptive article titled "Public Sector Wastage" unveiled the "picture of...

SO Musings: Accountability in Public Service

Accountability, as mentioned earlier, constitutes the soul of effectiveness and quality of public service. Accountability means responsibility. In the ultimate analysis,...

Political Economy

E-Waste: A Ticking Time-Bomb

We have truly entered the digital age. Technology has permeated into every aspect of human life. Cars, smartphones...

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Ease of Doing Businessvideo

Story of Delhi’s illegal butter chicken

Read our report of the (un)ease of doing business in Delhi in our latest publication- Doing Business in Delhi: A Study of...
Swatantra Partyvideo

Swatantra Party