Uphold Contracts

India Must Learn to Uphold Contracts

In reviewing the agreements signed by the previous government, the government of Andhra Pradesh has severely undermined already abysmal reputation of upholding contracts. This...

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Farm and Family

SO Musings: For Freedom, Farm and Family

Democracy and self-government mean considerable responsibility for every citizen. Unfortunately, we have come to feel that as long as Mr. Nehru is there, none...
Private Enterprise

SO Musings: Has Private Enterprise Failed?

For some time past, Private Enterprise in India has been continuously under fire. It has been suggested that Private Enterprise is incapable...

Political Economy

Genetically Modified Crops – Facts Vs Fiction

India’s journey from a food deficient and famine-affected country towards self-sufficiency and further to become one of the top net producers and...

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Ease of Doing Businessvideo

Story of Delhi’s illegal butter chicken

Read our report of the (un)ease of doing business in Delhi in our latest publication- Doing Business in Delhi: A Study of...
Swatantra Partyvideo

Swatantra Party