Population is Not a Threat to India

The Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2020, was introduced on the 7th of February in the Rajya Sabha, as a Private Members Bill, by Shiv Sena...

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SO Musing: India, the Tiger Caged

As India scrambles to respond to the novel COVID-19 disease, experts have also warned of the severe economic repercussions from the pandemic...

SO Musing: Remembering Dr Ambedkar

Of late, Dr Ambedkar has emerged out of oblivion to reclaim a prominent space in India’s public life, and rightly so. As...

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Why Ruling Party Loves Banning Auto-Ads?

Look at the ad below. Do you think it could be illegal to display this ad on an autorickshaw? In Delhi, the...

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Story of Delhi’s illegal butter chicken

Read our report of the (un)ease of doing business in Delhi in our latest publication- Doing Business in Delhi: A Study of...
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Swatantra Party