Somebody’s Watching You

The modern methods of communication through digital technology come with their own challenges. Presently, they have become a means for the state...

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Private Enterprise

SO Musings: Has Private Enterprise Failed?

For some time past, Private Enterprise in India has been continuously under fire. It has been suggested that Private Enterprise is incapable...
Gold problem

SO Musings: The Gold Problem in India

The gold problem in India, if there is such a problem at all, has been the subject of intensive public debate and...

Political Economy

Genetically Modified Crops – Facts Vs Fiction

India’s journey from a food deficient and famine-affected country towards self-sufficiency and further to become one of the top net producers and...

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Ease of Doing Businessvideo

Story of Delhi’s illegal butter chicken

Read our report of the (un)ease of doing business in Delhi in our latest publication- Doing Business in Delhi: A Study of...
Swatantra Partyvideo

Swatantra Party