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About Us

Spontaneous Order (SO) is the digital publication of the Centre for Civil Society, India’s leading liberal think tank advancing social change through public policy. Our work in education, livelihood, and policy training promotes choice and accountability across the private and public sectors. To translate policy into practice, we engage with policy and opinion leaders through research, pilot projects and policy training.

SO aims to “explore the power of ideas” through a liberal lens and strives to provide a platform for scholars, academicians, researchers and the like, to analyse India’s current policy landscape and/or comment on contemporary topics. SO aims to be a community platform where people can share ideas for a free society.

Under the broader ambit of re-examining classical liberalism in an Indian context, we publish writings on reforms in education, livelihood, good governance in India, market solutions to India’s key developmental challenges, and liberalism in India. We also publish writings on various public policy issues in India like education, livelihood, governance, healthcare, law etc.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis and welcome contributions from scholars, independent writers, students and the like. If you’re interested in getting your work published on SO, visit here.