Gold problem
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The gold problem in India, if there is such a problem at all, has been the subject of intensive public debate and discussion in recent days. The Forum of Free Enterprise, following its practice of stimulating public thinking on national economic problems published a booklet on the gold problem in July 1963. The booklet included four essays, examining the gold problem from the historic, economic and constitutional viewpoints.

The authors of the booklet are: Prof. B. R. Shenoy, Director of the School of Social Sciences, Gujarat University, an authority on the gold problem; Mr. M. A. Sreenivasan, eminent industrialist who was formerly the Chairman of the Kolar Gold Mines; Dr. Kersi Doodha, of the Department of Economics of the University of Bombay, who is author of books on monetary problems, and Mr. Phiroze J. Shroff, well-known economist and an authority on constitutional law.

The booklet examines the Gold Problem under four principal heads:

  1. What is the Gold Problem?
  2. How and when did it arise?
  3. What measures have we adopted to tackle it and with what success?
  4. If these measures have not been successful, what alternative measures could we adopt?

Access the full document here.

First Published in the Forum of Free Enterprise in July 1963.

Other editions of the publication can be accessed at Indian Liberals, an open, multilingual digital archive committed to preserving liberal voices in the Indian public sphere.

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