India and the world are busy measuring poverty. According to World Bank numbers South Asia is amongst the poorest regions in the world, second only to Sub-Saharan Africa. Today we bring you an interesting essay from on why everyone talks about poverty, not wealth creation.


“The Left thinks wealth is natural, and what needs to be explained is poverty.  How many  articles  have  you read  in  issues  of Time and Newsweek  down  the  years  about  the causes of poverty? There is intense investigation into the causes of poverty, as if poverty were not natural.  How can you explain it?  Would it not be wonderful to figure out the answer .What  is the cause of poverty? Because then we could make more poverty. Terrific.  That is the wrong question.  The important question is: What are the causes of wealth?  That question was not asked until very late in human history, in 1776.  The answer to it has somehow not been learned by a large part of the political class. “


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