The new Right to Education Act has 25% government sponsored seats in private schools. How much would the government pay for those students?  A lot rides on the answer: whether schools would be happy to take these students or resist the government efforts or even challenge the provision in the courts. The section 8 of the just released Draft Model Rules (, hyperlink not working somehow) answers that question.  Does the amount suggested seem fair? Would private schools be happy to take poor children at that level of reimbursement?

8 (1) The total annual recurring expenditure incurred by the State Government, whether from its own funds, or funds provided by the Central Government or by any other authority, on elementary education in respect of all schools established, owned or controlled by it or by the local authority, divided by the total number of children enrolled in all such schools, shall be the per-child expenditure incurred by the State Government.

Explanation – For the purpose of determining the per-child expenditure, the expenditure incurred by the State Government or local authority on schools referred to in sub-clause (ii) of clause (n) of section 2 and the children enrolled in such schools shall not be included.

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