Centre for Civil Society’s very own Bhuvana Anand has published a piece in the New York Times International Weekly summarizing the big issues and contradictions in current Indian policy and political philosophy.

“After the release of the latest round of data from India’s 2011 census report, I was asked why India had so many cellphones and not enough toilets. While over 50 percent of the population had access to mobile phones, the same percentage did not have access to latrines. In the extraordinary story of my country, such paradoxes abound. Growth is trickling down, but for basic services the government has promised to provide, Indians are still left to fend for themselves.”

Read her article there and tell us what you think in the comments below.

India guarantees jobs to rural workers, but the program is rife with abuse. Road construction in Andhra Pradesh. (KUNI TAKAHASHI FOR THE NEW<br /><br /> YORK TIMES)

[Image from New York Times International Weekly, http://nytweekly.com/columns/intelarchives/05-11-12/)

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