I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tata group’s code of conduct includes support for open markets and liberalisation!


A Tata company shall fully strive for the establishment and support of a competitive, open market economy in India and abroad and shall cooperate in the efforts to promote the progressive and judicious liberalisation of trade and investment by a country.”

This is what should be part of CSR of the company.  Though i think generally CSR is not the best of terms. In any case, CSR should include not only support for free exchange but also a commitment not to demand subsidies from government or to use state power to undercut competition and so on. It would indeed be interesting to think of a liberal perspective on CSR, that is, what is consistent with the view that businesses that earn honest profits don’t really need to justify their existence by giving a bit of profits away.

The Liberal Institute in Germany has published a monograph of mine (allow me to indulge!) titled CSR: Capitalism at its best or an anti-capitalist mentality?

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Parth Shah

Parth J Shah is founder president of Centre for Civil Society, a think tank that promotes choice and accountability across public and private sectors. He is co-founder and Director of Indian School of Public Policy. Parth’s research and advocacy work focuses on the themes of economic freedom, choice and competition in education, property rights approach to the environment and new public governance. He recently edited Liberalism in India.