Welcome back to the CCS Blog!  From January 2004 to April 2006, the Team CCS wrote on this Spontaneous Order blog. For some reason, our free host decided to block it and we also lost the domain sponatenousorder.org after a while.  Well, that’s old story.

Sometime ago I was lamenting this loss and Akash Senapaty, who was working with me then, said that he can find all the old posts if we wanted to revive it.  And soon he did.  And i was itching to get started but it took a bit of help to decide on the new blog structure and repost the old entries on the new site.  But here we are on the first day of 2009!

Many of you will see your posts here and if you like to rejoice the old excitement, do let me know and i would be happy to make you a guest author.

The Power of Ideas gets one more voice today!

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Parth Shah

Parth J Shah is founder president of Centre for Civil Society, a think tank that promotes choice and accountability across public and private sectors. He is co-founder and Director of Indian School of Public Policy. Parth’s research and advocacy work focuses on the themes of economic freedom, choice and competition in education, property rights approach to the environment and new public governance. He recently edited Liberalism in India.