In his new book, A Better India: A Better World, Mr Muthy outlines his reform ideas in the chapter ‘A Framework for Reforms in Higher Education in India.’ Despite the title, the chapter deals with school education too since the students in colleges would come from schools. I just copy part of a para (p 146) but that offers a great insight into Mr Murthy’s thinking on the issue.

“In a poor country like India, i believe that higher education, as well as primary and secondary education in urban areas, must be left to the private sector. The government must focus its attention and limited resources on building a mature platform for effective primary and secondary education in rural areas. Any subsidy in urban primary or secondary education must go only to poor children, and all subsidies should be provided directly to schools by the voucher mechanism devised by the well-known economist Milton Friedman. Every child worthy of admission to a college must receive either a scholarship from the college or a loan from a financing institution…”

Radical ideas indeed!

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