Sometime back, I wrote in my personal blog, memoirs of a night we spend in the JNU campus after being banished from the civilised world outside. A good part of the time we spend there, we were at the Nescafe outlet in the campus. For the simple reason that it had good seating. Next time we are there however, we’ll have to park our bottoms on the rocks near Ganga Dhaba. Students of JNU, considered one of the finest institutions for studying humanities in the country, voted to banish the “multinational giant” from the campus. In classic communist tradition, Yet again propaganda wins over reason and logic.

Though the outlet had faced opposition from a section of students in the past, the opposition took the form of a movement after Mona Das, a presidential candidate for the student union, whose key election promise was the banishing of the outlet, won in the elections held last November. Since then, Ms Das has done everything possible to keep her promise, and to her credit, majority of the students voted for closing down the outlet in the student union general body meeting conducted last week. Subsequently, the café is waiting for orders to reach them to down its shutters.

Spontaneous Order’s interest in the story is purely academic. The whole episode is replete with economic fallacies. We speak to the main characters of the entire episode in a series that will unfold the story. Tomorrow, interviews with Naveen Sabharwal (franchise of nestle who invested in the kiosk in the campus- over five lakh rupees), student’s union president Mona Das and Gen Secy Mubil Ehmer.

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