Whenever there is talk of markets and profit as a driving motivation for individuals, the constant accusation is that individuals in the market are constantly driven to make money and profit. The underlying assumption being that profit can be only scaled in terms of money.

I don’t buy that!

Profit can be material or psychic. When I make money out of teaching a child, I make material profit. But when I derive joy from teaching a child, I derive psychic profit. Market arrangements allow individuals to derive profit eitherwise: material or psychic. If i don’t like the exploitation of a school, I am free to start a school that will satisfy my psychic profit and provide schooling to children.

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Naveen Mandava

Naveen is Co-Founder at XamCheck, an organization that partners with schools, supporting them in processes they follow, with learning materials and processes that are all crafted to work together as an interconnected system to drive learning. He is a Doctoral Fellow from RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica, United States of America. He has worked extensively on assessment based decision support for governments, non-profit organizations and schools chains in India and the USA for over 10 years. He has been a Lead Consultant with the World Bank’s Innovations for Poverty Action Consortium, a Policy Analyst with RAND Corporation and a Research Manager at Centre for Civil Society.