For two days this week, Burma’s (Myanmar) dictator Than Shwe has been an honorable guest in the India capital. Red carpets rolled out, portfolio full with  joint anti-terrorist treaty (and  weapons ?) and industrial projects, the dictator is very satisfied.

No shame is too big for India’s cynical foreign policy at this gruesome event. India looks to the neighbour’s energy and mineral resources and forgets all promises of security by respecting human rights in the region.

No Indian newspaper dared to oppose this farce when PM Manmohan Singh shook hands with one of the bloodiest dictators in the world.  Only Western news agencies  AFP and BBC spoke out. India is bowing low, even letting the dictator go to sacred Buddhist site Bodh Gaya in India.

Shame on UPA II government, AP industrialists, Indian media and Buddhist groups for receiving him. Shame in the name of Mahatma Gandhi whose honour was compromised when Burma’s leader and his wife were gifted a fabric printed with Mahatma Gandhi’s “Seven Social Sins”.

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