The left wing news site – Daily Uncensored writes in their latest issue on school vouchers. Of course it contains some rhetoric which shines like a red flag, like

“The free market fundamentalists just couldn’t get a beleaguered public to destroy public education by socializing the costs and privatizing the profits.  The public saw through the whole sordid mess, even in light of the fact the managerial and financial elite had recruited people of color tired with failing public schools, to their cause.”

The rest of the piece tries to make a case for socially advanced and efficient charter schools, an American phenomena, as  paving the way for bad right wing vouchers which is a system that fools poor people who know no better than to listen to the bad rich man. How sad a conclusion for the poor in our voucher pilots in Delhi and elsewhere if they know what the left thinks of their right to choice. And what an elitist view of poor parents at that.

Spontaneous Order does not endorse the views of the article above but just accepts the fact that only something as unintelligible as screaming about “market fundamentalists and capitalist class”  and voucher billionaires can advance our cause for freedom and quality. Sure is fun to see your opposition online.

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