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How do we plan our cities?

Last week, Mint carried a wonderful article (Liberalizing India’s urban thinking) by Sanjeev Sanyal on the need to shed the old attitude of central planning when it comes to managing our cities. While socialist-era thinking has quietly been in retreat… Continue Reading →

Minoo Masani | ‘All Isms have become Wasms’ (1944)

This is the final part of a 4-part series, each post containing an excerpt of Minoo Masani’s 1944 essay ‘Socialism Reconsidered.’ Here are the links to the earlier posts in the series– Minoo Masani | Socialism Reconsidered (1944) Minoo Masani… Continue Reading →

Brexit: Better a Bad Parliament than a Good King

After reading my last blog, at least a few people expressed that I hadn’t done justice to the matter.  There are concerns greater than sovereignty, and my piece seemed to make an empty and a mere ‘ideological’ case for sovereignty without… Continue Reading →

The important thing is not to stop questioning

“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvellous structure of reality. It is enough… Continue Reading →

Trade Beats Aid for the Developing World

(This post was originally published on FEE.org. The author is John L. Glenn) *** It’s called individual dynamism, and it has nothing to do with a tilt to the left or right. It has a lot to do with basic liberty… Continue Reading →

Minoo Masani | Who Owns the State? (1944)

This is the third part of a 4-part series. You can read the earlier posts in the series here– Minoo Masani | Socialism Reconsidered (1944) Minoo Masani | The Assumptions of Marxism (1944) **** Who Owns the State? That is the… Continue Reading →

Minoo Masani | The Assumptions of Marxism (1944)

(This is the second part of a series of posts, from Minoo Masani’s classic 1944 essay ‘Socialism Reconsidered.’ The first part of the series can be read here: Minoo Masani | Socialism Reconsidered (1944)) Via Dictatorship? The second Marxist assumption that… Continue Reading →

Brexit: Brace Yourself, Winter is Coming

A lot has been said about the economic implications of the British exit from the European Union. Both sides make compelling points, but the financial future of Britain mostly depends upon how it re-negotiates trade agreements with Europe and the… Continue Reading →

Lack of paradigm shift undermines New Education Policy

The TSR Subramaniam Committee’s report on National Policy on Education, 2016 was leaked to the media last week. The 230-page report is a detailed account of the various aspects of education in India and recommendations to make them more effective… Continue Reading →

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