This piece was first published in a publication titled ‘Is Socialism Outdated?’ published by the ‘Forum of Free Enterprise.’  What is posted here is a small excerpt from the essay that was first published in 1966. There is an idea afoot that liberalism came before socialism and therefore must fade out before socialism. I would like […]

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By Professor Geeta Kingdon (UCL Institute of Education, University College London) and Professor Mohd Muzammil (Professor of Economics and Vice Chancellor, Agra University) This short note seeks to estimate the per pupil expenditure in government elementary schools in Uttar Pradesh using the government’s own expenditure and enrolment data. To access the long version of the research paper, click here.  Section 12(1) […]

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As a UK national largely unfamiliar with India, prior to my arrival in the country four weeks ago I had no idea of the extent to which the government encroached into the lives of ordinary citizens. I was shocked to learn that one must be 25 to buy alcohol in Delhi and that the city’s […]

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By Jyotsna Narang    I was much excited when Modi came in power with the motto of ‘minimum government, maximum governance’. The pathetic state of public sector banks, schools and hospitals, the corruption, red-tapism and the babu culture that had seeped in deep into the system had affected each and every middle class individual of […]

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This piece was published in the August 1972 issue of ‘The Indian Libertarian.’ Today, there is much talk about over-regulation and the state stifling private initiative in education. Little seems to have changed, as similar concerns were being voiced back even in 1972. Nationalisation is the watch-word of the Congress Governments in India today. Nationalisation of steel […]

This piece is based on a speech given in the Parliament by M R Masani, who was an MP at the time. It was published in the February 1970 issue of ‘Freedom First.’ In the piece, Masani talks about the problems with with the MRTP bill that had been introduced in the parliament–and how the real […]

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By Sheldon Richman    I tried to come up with a solid libertarian argument for why the Supreme Court should not have struck down state bans on same-sex marriage (SSM). (By a 5-4 vote, the court this morning declared those bans unconstitutional.) I couldn’t do it. Not that I was hoping to find such an […]

In this week’s selection for #ThrowbackThursday, we have a piece by Minoo Masani, first published in Freedom First in 1976. In this piece, he talks about the dangers of inflation—tracing it fundamentally to the flawed economic policies of the government. Prices, like water—he remarks, are fluid—‘ they insist on finding their own level; and are […]

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on 30 June 2015

In its historical yet much anticipated judgment of 26th June, Supreme Court lifted the ban on same sex marriages across all 50 states in the US. Given the position of US in global politics, the kind of attention the judgment received around the world is not surprising. Back home, where Supreme Court judgment on curative […]

This article was published in the February 1971 issue of Freedom First and is an excerpt from a lecture delivered in Bombay. At the time, the right to property was still a fundamental right but was constantly being undermined by our legislators. An eminent jurist and economist, Palkhivala was one of the most fierce defenders of liberty and […]

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