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Minoo Masani | Socialism Reconsidered (1944)

Editor’s Note: Over the course of this week, we will be publishing Minoo Masani’s classic essay ‘Socialism Reconsidered.’ This is the first part of a series of posts. Minoo Masani was a liberal, politician and a member of the Constituent Assembly… Continue Reading →

Udta Portugal : A Case for Decriminalisation of Drugs

“Seventy percent of Punjab youth is in drug addict [sic]. If this is not stopped soon Punjab will become like Mexico.”, says one of the characters in the controversial yet significant motion picture – Udta Punjab. Now even though the… Continue Reading →

Beer in India: Getting high on taxes

Beer is likely one of the most socially acceptable and culturally cherished alcoholic beverages. It is also  the oldest and the third most consumed (after water and tea) beverage in the world. The state governments in India though would rather have… Continue Reading →

The Collapse Of Venezuela Under Socialism

(A version of this post was first published at Swarajya. It has been republished here with the author’s permission.) Collapses only make sense in retrospect, and trying to stop it while it is falling is like trying to catch and reconstruct… Continue Reading →

2 out of 3 of all Indian Prisoners are Undertrials

Prisons in India have long been known to be hotbeds of violence, corruption and sleaze, along with routine institutional abuse and massive as well as systemic human rights violations taking place on a regular basis. This open secret has received… Continue Reading →

Why Oxfam is Wrong about Tax Havens

Tax Havens and black money have been in the news for the past couple months. Earlier this month, Oxfam released a statement with 355 economists contending that Tax Havens serve ‘no useful purpose.’ These included eminent personalities like Thomas Piketty… Continue Reading →

B R Shenoy | My Idea of a Welfare State, Part III (1957)

This is the final instalment of a 3-part series. The first two parts of the essay can be accessed here– B R Shenoy | My Idea of a Welfare State, Part I (1957) B R Shenoy | Minimum State: The… Continue Reading →

Captain America: Avenger of Choice

The recent movie Captain America: Civil War gives some interesting insights about the real world. (If you haven’t yet seen it, proceed with caution. There will be spoilers). The film is set about one year after the events of Avengers:… Continue Reading →

B R Shenoy | Minimum State: The Ideal of India (1957)

(This is the second part of a 3-part series, from a speech on the Welfare State delivered by B R Shenoy in 1957. The speech was published in the December, 1957 issue of ‘The Indian Libertarian.’ You can read the first part of… Continue Reading →

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