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Prashant Garg
Prashant Garg is currently studying Economics at Cardiff University and will continue to pursue his PhD in the subject. As part of the European Students for Liberty, he started the only libertarian society in Wales, UK, where he spreads ideas of economic and social freedom to students by organising events and campaigns. He recently interned with the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) during his visit back home, prior to which he was a research assistant to multiple Professors of Economics and Finance. He blogs about economics and politics, and has published on various platforms, including his own magazine ‘The Colum Road Journal’, where he is a contributing editor. Prashant is also a passionate debater, having attended over ten different competitions. He loves advocating for economic freedom, and teaches Austrian and New Classical economics to students at his University. Apart from his classical liberal passions, Prashant loves endurance sports, classical music, netflix and meat!
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