(Image courtesy: Rescue, relief and rehabilitation of those affected by the Uttarakhand flash floods is still in progress. While the efforts of state government have been criticised, efforts of armed forces have been lauded by various observers of the developments in Uttarakhand. There could be two approaches in response to any disaster. First, how […]

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Those interested in the wider global progress of the liberty movement will be sick to their stomachs to learn that The Cato Institute, the world’s most productive, influential, and respected, libertarian think tank, is being threatened by a hostile takeover.  Charles and David Koch, two prominent libertarian billionaires, responsible for funding much of America’s libertarian […]


on 7 June 2011

By: Ishu Kumar (Communicating Reality Intern, CCS) As the Baba Circus unfolds, we bring you 10 innovative ways to tackle corruption from around the world. In our June 3 blogpost we had argued that mass scale corruption is the consequence of economic repression. While that holds, we believe that increasing economic freedom needs to be complemented […]

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in the “Property Rights: Identity, Dignity & Opportunity for All” Competition CCS’s Law, Liberty and Livelihood campaign has made to 19 semi finalists out of 211 entries. From now until Jan 12, 2011, we need your support and votes for our entry to emerge as a finalist. The most voted 8-10 semi-finalists will be declared as […]

on 6 April 2010

Kanti Bajpai has a very thoughtful piece on the role of think tanks generally and also particularly in a democracy like India. He concludes: “As a progressive and democratic society, India must invest in more and better think tanks. The public good requires the enlargement of expertise and debate. Along with the media, think tanks […]

Great piece by our friends at Pragati on the importance of think tanks and particularly of independent think tanks in India.  This quote camptures it well: “Without negating the importance and influence of government’s own research on politicians and policy developers, it can be safely argued that policy innovations are far more likely to originate […]

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Like all the readers, i too simply loved this post by Nathaniel Whittemore at, and am taking the liberty to copy it here. I surely wish i could govern like this and i am sure most of my colleagues at CCS would see great value in this approach.  Don’t miss the last point about […]


on 22 January 2009

Top 25 Think Tanks in Asia THE GLOBAL “GO-TO THINK TANKS” The Leading Public Policy Research Organizations In The World University of Pennsylvania 1. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) – China 2. Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) – Japan 3. Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses – India 4. Center for Strategic and […]


Jason Saul provides an interesting way to think about the question that worries all nonprofits, particularly think tanks: How do we know whether we are making an impact? What convinced to read more of his writings was how he began in the piece: “…it’s not that we can’t figure out the answer – it’s that […]

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