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APF Study on School Closure: Questionable Quality & Reckless Claims

After all those readings and discussions, we came to the inescapable conclusion: the quality of the APF study is alarmingly poor.

Ideology Masquerading as Research

Rohit Dhankar’s article ‘A lesson in hidden agendas’ in the Hindu is a case study in ideology masquerading as research.  He starts by saying: “Public Education System (PES) and the Right to Education (RTE) do have problems, and they need… Continue Reading →

Budget 2016: Enhanced focus on Higher and Skills Education Welcome!

Union Budget 2016-17 has clearly come out with greater focus on quality of higher education in the country. Handful of new schemes, both for Higher Education and Skill Development, testify government’s commitment towards leveraging the demographic dividend of this country…. Continue Reading →

Who ‘Creates’ History?

A nation is shaped by a certain narrative—how it came to be what it is today, what values and beliefs its people hold and cherish, and how it is portrayed. Education has a vital role in shaping this narrative and… Continue Reading →

What Ails Our Higher Education?

I recently completed my graduation from a state funded engineering college. In the past couple months since I’ve started working; I’ve come to get some sense of how inadequate my training in college really was. (a sentiment, I am sure,… Continue Reading →

NEP on Wheels: Day Five and some Reflections

I started on the last day of my journey on the 5th of October. I left Kanpur at around 6 in the morning to be able to reach Lucknow by 12:30 where I had to attend a conference on Education… Continue Reading →

NEP on Wheels: Day Four – Kanpur!

Day 4: Kanpur On 4th October, I started out on the fourth day of my journey. By this point I had covered 350 Kms and was extremely tired. Yet I had to cover 170kms today to reach Kanpur. I realised… Continue Reading →

NEP on Wheels: Day Three – Firozpur!

Day 3: Firozpur, Uttar Pradesh Day 3 of my journey brought me first to Firozpur, some 120 Kms ahead of Agra. I was lucky to run into Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Firozpur on arriving at Firozpur. SDM was kind enough to… Continue Reading →

NEP on Wheels: Day Two – Agra!

The second leg of my trip brought me 70kms further, to Agra. My first stop was an engineering college, where I talked to students and professors about education and the NEP. I was lucky to get hold of a bunch… Continue Reading →

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