“If I had money, I would build roads; if I had more money, I would build more roads; if I had even more money, I would build even more roads” –Sauvik Chakraverti Some time back, people from 11 villages came together and managed to gather over Rs. 1 crore to build a bridge over a […]

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on 10 April 2015

Picture this: You are sharing your room with someone who is probably your best friend by the day, but by the night s/he is the most evil person…because your friend snores a lot at night. Here is the solution: BAN. I wear colourful and funky socks which might have some chances of affecting someone’s vision.The […]

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by Shreekant Gupta Girish Shahane wrote an article for titled ‘Libertarians are right about the need to privatise Air India ‒ but wrong about much else‘. Mr Shahane’s article disappoints. It is naive and presents a caricature of libertarian philosophy. The writer’s bias is clear from the start. That is his prerogative. But to […]

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The other day, while I was walking down to the gym to get my membership renewed, I noticed many different kinds of people—when I say different kinds I mean with respect to shapes and sizes. This got me thinking—India has a population of near 1.25 billion and Delhi alone has close to 16 million. Yet […]

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This is real life story of the family of Ramchander, or Ramchandara, as he is called by his friends and acquaintances. Ramchandara is one of the “below below average” IQ person, with almost no skills. He earlier used to make a living working as a daily unskilled labourer to support his family of five – […]

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Now that I (as many of you) have enjoyed the World Cup 2014, allow me to register my protest on behalf of Brazilian taxpayers against this wanton public expenditure. What a colossal waste! Governments around the world organise and host national and international sports events. Governments also support sportspersons representing their respective jurisdictions, by paying […]

– शरद जोशी एक राज्य का नया वित्तमंत्री काकभुशुण्डजी से मिलने गया और हाथ जोड़कर बोला कि मुझे शीघ्र ही बजट प्रस्तुत करना है, मुझे मार्गदर्शन दीजिए. तिस पर काकभुशुण्ड ने जो कहा सो निम्नलिखित है:   हे वित्तमंत्री, जिस प्रकार कैक्टस की शोभा काँटों से और राजनीति लंपटों से जानी जाती है उसी प्रकार वित्तमंत्री […]

Talking about liberalism in India, one falls for the insipid and inane debate between some mythologized Western rugged individualism and ostensible Eastern harmonious social co-operation. But we are talking about the autonomy of individuals and groups as opposed to the ever-increasing authority of the state and its functionaries – bureaucrats and politicians. For example, one […]

WSJ reports: The CII calculated the per-day gross domestic product of India as about 20,000 crore, or roughly $4.3 billion, based on the assumption that there are 300 workdays in a year and a GDP of about $1.3 trillion. Then, based on consultations with state-level industry representatives, CII adjusted the figure based on how widespread […]

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on 14 January 2009

It is an interesting question, isn’t it? if you were to choose one non-profit to close down, which one would that be? My death wish is on Population First! They cleverly go with the times and don’t say  clearly that their goal is to control population. But what else could this mean? “Population First is […]